When it comes to preserving and storing food, mason jars are staples thanks to the benefits of healthy glass storage. But did you know that the lids and rings used with mason jars play a key role in maintaining freshness and ensuring a secure seal? 

Here, we examine the various lids and rings of each of our Pearl jars, with a focus on how they can support fermenting, canning, sprouting and overall food storage. Join us as we explore the functionality and versatility of these essential accessories for mason jars.

Original Mariposa

Components: Mariposa Mason Jar, Pearl Seal with pull tab, steel wire, glass cap.

The Pearl Mariposa jar features a unique detachable glass lid for comfortable pouring and deep cleaning. Instantly recognisable for its traditional feel, Mariposa takes inspiration from vintage swing-top jars used in the 1960s for preserving food and boasts an elegant, timeless design. This closure features a built-in airlock system that allows carbon dioxide to escape while preventing air from entering the jar, therefore creating an optimal environment for fermenting vegetables, pickles, or kombucha.

The Mariposa swing-top glass jar is free of lacquer and glued materials. All parts can be quickly disassembled, cleaned and reassembled and are Food Safe and BPA Free.

Original Luna Storage

Components: Luna Mason Jar, Pearl Seal (TPE), steel screw cap, Pearl TPE seal

The Luna Storage is the fusion of a timeless classic and a novel approach to food storage. If you’re looking for an updated screw-top glass jar, this is a great option that is Earth-friendly and free from glues and lacquers.

This specific closure is made from a stainless steel cap and a detachable Pearl Seal, free of any glue or lacquer. This allows for a rust-free and Food Safe experience. All components are 100% recyclable due to the unique Pearl sealing gasket. Easily disassembled, the Original Luna Storage screw lid glass jars allow for deeper cleaning

Original Sunny Cap

Components: Sunny Cap Mason Jar, Pearl Seal, steel ring, glass cap,  Pearl TPE seal


One of our favourite lids for functionality and convenient storage is the Pearl Original Sunny Cap. This jar features a unique steel ring and glass lid that allows you to access the contents of your jar with ease while seeing its contents from above, making it very practical for pantry and storage. Its sleek and modern design also adds a touch of elegance to your mason jar creations.

The Original Sunny Cap jar is free from lacquer and glued materials. All parts can be quickly disassembled, cleaned and reassembled and are Food Safe and BPA Free.

SYMPL Luna Storage

Components: SYMPL glass jar, Pearl Seal, steel ring, steel disk,  Pearl TPE seal.

The SYMPL Luna Storage closure is made from a stainless steel cap and a detachable Pearl Seal, free of any glue or lacquer. Our Pearl SYMPL screw-top canning jars are characterized by a minimalist, cylindrical design to comfortably access and remove the contents of your glass jar. The Luna Storage Lid provides a secure seal to maintain freshness and prevent leakage while its innovative design makes it a popular choice for those who enjoy creating and sharing their homemade concoctions.

Each part of the lid and closure can be easily assembled and reassembled for deep cleaning and recycling, and are free from BPAs, glues and lacquers, making it a great staple for a healthy kitchen.

Original Luna Mesh

Components: Luna jar seed sprouting, steel ring, steel mesh disk, Pearl TPE seal.

Perfect for sprouting your own seeds at home, the Luna Mesh is a mason jar for sprouting seeds. This mason jar lid features a special Mesh disk and all components are easily detachable by pressing them slightly out of the steel ring. Both the Mesh disk and the steel ring are made of stainless steel, which prevents the onset of rust. You can use the Luna Mesh for sprouting your favourite seeds or straining foods straight from the Mason Jar.

Original Classic Swing

Components: Classic Swing Top Mason Jar, Pearl Seal with nose, steel wire, glass cap.

For those venturing into the world of fermentation, the Classic Swing Lid and Ring are essential tools. The classic clip-on jar features a light glass lid for effortless handling and thorough cleaning with a signature Pearl TPE seal. The airtight seal created by this lid helps to keep your preserved foods fresh and protected from external contaminants.


The variety of mason jar lids and rings available in the Pearl Jar range ensures that you can find the perfect fit for your specific needs. Whether fermenting, sprouting, canning or simply storing your food at home, each mason jar lid and ring combination offers functionality and convenience for various purposes. Explore the Pearl Jar range and discover the endless possibilities for preserving and enjoying your favourite foods with innovative seals and closures.

July 20, 2023

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