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Screw Cap Jars

Universal screw lids open and close a jar with a simple screwing movement. For easy and rust-free handling, our Pearl screw cap glass jars are tailor-made and come always in stainless steel. 

Our screw cap range includes: Luna StorageOriginal Luna PreservingLuna Mesh and our Sunny Cap Mason Jars.   

Why choose our Screw Cap mason jars?

Unique screw top jars models

Our wide variety of screw top glass jars offers unique models such as the Pearl Jar Sunny Cap, which features new and unique screw lids and a stainless steel ring with our Pearl Seal. The Pearl Jar Luna Mesh combines glass caps with screw lids for jars, which has an attached but separable mesh disk for easy sprouting.

Tailor-made screw cap containers

All the components of our Pearl screw cap glass jars are tailor-made to ensure that they all fit perfectly well together and perform with the highest quality.

Stainless steel screw lids

By only using stainless steel caps we ensure that our screw lids do not rust, but also have a long life.

No glue or lacquer in our screw cap jars

To ensure that no unhealthy material gets in contact with your food, our Pearl Jars do not contain any glue or lacquer.

Fixed but Separable components

All components of our screw cap jars are fixed manually together but can all be separated easily. That is why they are so easy to handle while also being easy to clean.



Free from varnish and laquers with a strong focus on inert materials, our Pearl Mason Jars feature food safe materials which can easily be cleaned after usage and stay healthy packaging.


Our designs are forward-thinking without all the fuss – modular, separable components allow for easy cleaning and versatile storage solutions. Sleek finishes and unique design make sure they look great too.


We have selected what we consider the most feasible materials for more sustainable products, offering reuse, real recycling and multi-use options.