By purchasing our products, you agree to our return policy stated below. Our return policy is in conformity with the Directive (EU) 2019/2161 of November 27, 2019 (Consumer Rights Directive). These terms are designed to be fair to both parties.

Within 14 days after delivery:

  1. All refunds are available within the first 14 days of arrival of goods, regardless of the reason for the refund.
  2. The product must be returned in order to get a full refund.
  3. We do not cover the return costs; these have to be supported by the buyer in order to get the refund.
  4. After we receive the product back, we inspect it to see if it is damaged. If we see no problem with the returned product, we will issue a full refund.


  1. All Pre-Launch orders will be automatically refunded upon request.
  2. Within 14 days after the product has arrived, the same rules apply as stated above (within 14 days after delivery).

Within the next 15–30 days:

  1. Items that are damaged, faulty, or mismatched can be refunded if the request is made within 15 to 30 days of delivery.
  2. The issue above has to be proven with a clear picture of the item.
  3. If there is a refusal of a picture, we can refuse the refund.
  4. The refund only includes the product price. Return and transportation costs are not included.
  5. After we receive the product back, we issue a product refund.

For refund inquiries send us an email to:

Adress for return:

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EN 9010 Edifício E , Tocadelos -Cabeço de Montachique
2670-770 Loures