Why Choose Pearl?




Mariposa is characterized by a unique new swing top, derived from historical canning jars from the USA. It has a completely removable glass lid for easy filling and cleaning in between. Glass lids, glasses and hangers are designed to be as economical in terms of material as it was technically feasible in order to save valuable resources. The force to open and close is minimal thanks to the absolutely flat vertical pressure distribution.



For thorough cleaning and multipurpose use, you can easily disassemble the Mariposa closure.

Simply push the round metal wire upwards to release pressure on the glass lid and move both the round and glass wire towards you where it says WIRE.

Remove the glass lid, take off the rubber ring and you’re ready to clean!

To reassemble, just replace the rubber ring and glass lid and push the round and straight wire directly above the glass top.

Ensure that for closing the jar, the straight wire needs to fit into 2 of the 4 recessed points before pushing the round wire downwards.


Keep things simple with our Sunny Cap modular closure, perfect for pickling and storing needs. Our innovative take on the classic screw top  features a glass lid for full visibility from the top and works with an easy screw cap closing mechanism. Simply screw the lid on top and your jar is ready to use.

Sunny Cap


With the Sunny Cap storage twist the stainless steel ring off, take out the glass cap and remove the white Pearl Seal. and Voilà!


A cupboard classic! Our original Luna Cap screw top is as easy as 1-2-3. Available in Storage and Preserving, the Luna Cap comes with a fully reusable and recyclable Pearl Seal to ensure it is airtight, watertight and leakproof to prevent spills and keep contents happily sealed into place. Free from varnishes and adhesives, our stainless steel rust resistant lids offer the perfect solution for versatile storage.

Luna Cap


Luna Cap Storage: Easily open and close your Luna Cap by taking the screw top cap and ensuring the Pearl Seal ring is sitting inside, screw it on the jar to close and unscrew in the opposite direction to open. To disassemble for deep cleaning, simply screw off the cap and remove the sealing ring.

 Luna Cap Preserving: Unscrew the steel ring until only a steel plate is left on the glass jar. Remove the plate together with the Pearl Seal and follow the steps backward to close the jar. 


Our standard swing-top jar on our vintage Mason jar design, sleek and simple.

Classic Swing


Keep things just the way they are! Our Classic Swing is, like most other swing top jars, not designed for disassembly. The Pearl Seal can easily be removed for cleaning.


storage jar


Having worked in the glass packaging industry, we know first hand the endless benefits of working with glass as the core material in our Pearl products.

Glass not only offers high resilience allowing for frequent reusability but is also made from all-natural ingredients and is fully recyclable for more environmentally friendly storage and packaging solution.

Our glass designs are made to each be capable of serving multiple functions for various applications, enabling multiple uses and longer life cycles.

Experts often describe glass as a frozen liquid that has no pores and is therefore very unique. As an inert material, glass is also non-reactive, airproof and waterproof making it an excellent protector of food providing low migration that is likewise effective in preserving taste and flavour, without compromising taste.

For timeless aesthetic and décor, glass also allows us to create beautiful, multipurpose designs fit for every occasion and classic addition to every household.

Original L:una Mesh closure with mesh top, rubber sealing gasket, and screw lid.


Helping to deliver a new standard into durability and hygiene, our reusable and recyclable sealing rings are not just simple sealing rings, they are high-end products in medcical grade, developed and produced in Europe.

Our TPE seals have a particularly successful track record for returnable “swing-top” glass bottles. They are 100% recyclable and reusable while also guaranteeing hygiene and safety, so no need to replace them every time.

Part of having an impact on minimising waste in the environment is designing products that are durable and long lasting, and our TPE rings are helping us raise the bar for this within the industry. TPE rings provide highly effective barriers in food protection and preservation thanks to their low migration values and compatibility to be used with both oil and fatty products as well as alcohol (up to 95%) and acid resistance (vinegar up to 3%).

As with all our materials, our sealing rings are FDA approved and compliant with the European Food Safety Authority, BPA and silicons free.


We work with high quality, durable and food-grade stainless steel that is rust-resistant, varnish free and independently tested.

Designed to be lightweight yet strong, our screw-top stainless steel lids (and wires) are dishwasher safe and stain-resistant allowing versatile, long-lasting storage.

For safer, lower migration our lid tops are free from BPA, varnish and plasticizers and are fully recyclable.


mason jars set


Looking after your Pearls is easy! Our jars can be easily disassembled to ensure thorough cleaning from the inside out. You can hand wash your jars with warm soapy water.

Do not use scouring pads as these may scratch the glass or stainless steel. Rinse thoroughly and allow to air dry.

If you want to reuse the jar for food, its recommended to sterilize all components of jars through common water sterilization of 5 minutes.

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