Mariposa Mason Jar
storage jar


Pearl fermentation glass jarswere created to make your fermentation process easy, hygienic, and fun! Our range includes beautiful and innovative mason jars models: Pearl Mariposa Jar, Pearl Sunny Cap Jar, and Classic Swing

Why choose Pearl fermentation glass jars?

Food safe fermentation jars

For food safety and optimal fermentation, you need to choose high-quality kitchen storage jars. Our mason jars are BPA & Silicone Free. FDA and EU regulations approved. Pearl TPE fermentation containers are suitable for contact with clear, aqueous, acidic, and alcoholic contents (alcohol content max. 95% volume).

Stainless steel fermentation closures

Our Pearl screw cap and swing top lid closures are made only with medical-grade stainless steel, ensuring you a rust-free fermentation experience.

No glue or lacquer in our mason jars lids

Pearl fermentation jar closures and lids are free from glues and lacquers. This is one of the reasons why our Pearl mason jars keep your food fresher and safer for longer.

Fermentation glass jars with wire mechanism

The wire mechanism of our Pearl Mariposa Jar works perfectly for fermentation recipes. It ensures that if too much pressure is built up the glass won’t explode as the pressure is automatically released. 

Vacuum closure for fermentation

Our sealing gaskets were designed to create the perfect vacuum seal for fermenting. So, no oxygen enters our Pearl jar during your fermentation process.

Easy to clean fermentation glass jars

Glass is a hygienic and non-porous material. Pearl fermentation glass jars components can be fully and easily taken apart. This allows you to proceed with a deep cleaning of your jars, optimizing the sanitary conditions needed for fermentation.

Our Values


Free from varnish and laquers with a strong focus on inert materials, our Pearl Mason Jars feature food safe materials which can easily be cleaned after usage and stay healthy packaging.


Our designs are forward-thinking without all the fuss – modular, separable components allow for easy cleaning and versatile storage solutions. Sleek finishes and unique design make sure they look great too.


We have selected what we consider the most feasible materials for more sustainable products, offering reuse, real recycling and multi-use options.