Canning & Preserving

Modern canning & preserving glass jars with lids. In our canning and preserving glass jars range you find the new generation of glass preserving jars: Pearl Luna Preserving, SYMPL Luna Preserving, Pearl Mariposa, and Pearl Classic Swing.

Why choose our Canning & preserving glass jars?

Food safe mason jars

BPA & Silicone Free. FDA and EU regulations approved. Our mason jars are suitable for contact with clear, aqueous, acidic, and alcoholic contents (alcohol content max. 95% volume).

Easy to clean

All our canning and preserving jars components can be separated, which makes it easy to clean.

Stainless steel lids

Our preserving jars lids are made using only Stainless Steel. That is why our lids are rust-free and have a long life.

Mason jars lids without glue or lacquer

No unhealthy material should get in contact with your food. That is why our Pearl Jars range does not contain any glue or lacquer.

Versatile glass preserving jars

Our canning & preserving glass jars collection is perfect to preserve your favorite foods. From jam to tomato sauce, you can keep them fresh all year long.

Vacuum closure for baking

Pearl Luna Preserving Jar, the start of our preserving jars collection, presents the first two-piece stainless steel clasp for preserving. Ideal for preserving all foods but also for fermenting sauerkraut, kimchi, etc.

Eco-friendly and sustainable glass jars

All components of our Pearl mason jars, including the preserving rings, are designed to be reused several times. They can be easily separated to enable real recycling.

Exclusive designs

Our wide variety of preserving glass jars with lids offers unique models such as the Pearl Luna Preserving, Pearl Mariposa, and Pearl Classic Swing.

Our Values


Free from varnish and laquers with a strong focus on inert materials, our Pearl Mason Jars feature food safe materials which can easily be cleaned after usage and stay healthy packaging.


Our designs are forward-thinking without all the fuss – modular, separable components allow for easy cleaning and versatile storage solutions. Sleek finishes and unique design make sure they look great too.


We have selected what we consider the most feasible materials for more sustainable products, offering reuse, real recycling and multi-use options.