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This canning jar has a rustproof 2-part stainless steel closure for mason jars. It works with many different canning methods such as waterbath or pressure canner.

  • Comes in a pack of 4 jars.

Capacity : Brimful 250 ml

  • height = 80 mm
  • diameter = 77/73 mm

Capacity : Brimful 500 ml

  • height = 130 mm
  • diameter = 79/84 mm

Capacity : Brimful 1000 ml

  • height = 180 mm
  • diameter = 96/100 mm
  • Close the lid tight for canning purposes
  • Not suitable for carbonated ingredients
  • For the vacuum inspection regularly check for a tight seal of the closures. Take off the Steel ring and check if the platina is tight on the glass jar
  • Clean the jars before using
  • Steel and glass components are dishwasher safe
  • Store Pearl Seals in a dark and dry environment at room temperature
  • Before reusing the Pearl Seals, sterilize them for 2-3 minutes in boiling water
  • Max. thermal shock of 42°C – Be careful with pouring hot and cold liquids
  • Components – Luna Mason Jar, Pearl Seal, steel ring, steel disk
  • Comes in a 4 piece tray
  • BPA & Silicone Free
  • Food Safe

The Luna Cap is an innovative design of a timeless classic that takes the basic design of the screw-top canning glass to a new level.

Designed to last, these screw top canning jars combines a food grade stainless steel and laquer-free screw cap with a fully reusable and food-grade Pearl Seal.

Our Original Luna Cap Preserving  features reduced migration for longer-lasting, fresher, and healthier food content.

What can you do with these screw top canning jars?


Preserve your favourite foods, from jams to tomato sauces. Keep them fresh all year long. This jar is suitable for many different kinds of canning methods such as water bath or pressure canning.


With this screw top canning jar you can also freshly store anything, from your salad-on-the-go to herbs and teas.