B2B Distribution

Interested in becoming a distributor?

Our team of young minds dedicated to sustainable packaging is at your disposal. They will help you out with any questions you have and find the best solutions for your needs. 

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Meet Lukas

Hello, I’m Lukas! I was born in Germany but came to Portugal as a small child and grew up near Lisbon. My family moved with me to Portugal because of work with the intention to stay for a couple of years, but then we ended up staying and now I call Lisbon my home.

After finishing school I wanted to live in another country and went to study in the Netherlands for 6 years where I finished my business & entrepreneurship degree.

Having had the possibility to work in different businesses I learned the importance of creating long-lasting relationships by simply being open-minded and honest!

Get in touch with Lukas: lukas.boettger@hello-bottle.com

Meet Jaime

Hello, I’m Jaime. I was born in Portugal and am a Lisbon native. I have had a great connection with the sea since a young age, which led me to practice a lot of nautical sports. This gave me a connection to nature and taught me early on the importance of a slower lifestyle in this day and age.

After finishing school, I gained a lot of experience in the restaurant industry due to my love for cooking but ended up pursuing a career in law.

Nowadays, I can combine my love for food and logical thinking gained through my studies to offer innovative and thoughtful glass packaging solutions that benefit the end consumer.

Get in touch with Jaime: jaime.freitas@hello-bottle.com

Low MOQ's

We know that it can be challenging for small and medium-sized online shops to commit to a large number of products in the first orders.

So we not only offer full pallets but also carton boxes of mixed products.

So you can create your own boxes from 10 to 20 different packs of jars, depending on the capacity that you chose.

Talk we our sales team for more info.