Pearl is a new lifestyle brand committed to delivering healthy, innovative and eco-friendly packaging to everyday household products. It was founded from a simple vision of providing versatile and innovative solutions for packaging.

With the contribution of different packaging specialists, we were able to re-think current glassware products and create innovations that not only look different but also have clear functional advantages.

Healthy living and sustainability are the core values on which we built Pearl and also our guidelines for the future.


Part of our Pearl promise is framed around a healthy lifestyle and the benefits of making and storing your own food.

storage jar


We have selected materials that we consider perfect for keeping your products as original as possible, ensuring very low migration between the packaging and the product filled by you. The low migration materials that we use are glass, stainless steel, and low migration sealing gaskets a key base of our Pearl products.

For our Pearl Seals we are using a special developed TPE in medical grade compliant with FDA & EU regulations that have been used for many years among returnable glass bottles. Good cleaning capabilities and low migration allow these gaskets to withstand being refilled and reused over time.

For longer term preserving purposes we offer standard natural rubber sealing gaskets, well known for swing top jars for many years.


Low migration and easy effective cleaning of glass jars are cornerstones for healthy products, Pearl encourages that.

Each of our Pearl jars is built from individual pieces that are not glued together but can be fully disassembled and cleaned individually.

Whether preserving dry or fresh foods, reorganizing the pantry, packing snacks and picnics on the go, or gifting homemade delicacies, our Pearl glass jars ensure purity, hygiene and safety to cater to your daily needs.

Close up of metal classic swing closure


We believe that something you use recurrently should look good and feel even better. We have developed a range of designs that are not only elegant, but offer a wide range of features and sizes making them the perfect household companion. Our products offer handy, carefree solutions made with sturdy, reusable sealing gaskets and unique closure systems.


One of our core values is delivering multi-purpose designs that encourage a long-lasting lifecycle. A true versatile design has the benefit of requiring less products in your pantry.

Our Sunny Cap and Luna Cap modular closures for example can be exchanged from one jar to another (no more drawers of mismatched tops) and our Mariposa jar lets you easily open the wire hinge from the jar for effortless vacuum release, easy refilling and versatile storage options.

Whether closing the lid on a smoothie to go or unscrewing it to tuck into your office granola, from the kitchen cupboard to the dining room table, feel right at home with our simple yet cozy designs.



Without question, sustainability is a challenge for all of us. All responsible businesses should endeavor to offer you the most responsible and thoughtful solutions possible for the environment. But we want make sustainability beautiful, with Innovation and Design.

Mariposa Jar


To help lower the impact of single use packaging, we have worked hard to ensure that our Pearls may be fully disassembled for recycling purposes and are comprised of materials that make them reusable and recyclable, from top to bottom.

Our glass, rust-free and varnish-free stainless steel and food grade Pearl Seals are all selected form the best available materials. They have each been developed for their high functionality, safety and durability for many reuse-cycles in your daily lifestyle demands.

Recycling is very important, but re-use clearly is much more valuable for sustainability. For most returnable jars today just the glass jar can be reused, most of the other components like Twist-Off or plastic screw caps are one-way products and will be replaced by the same new components in every new life cycle. We don’t consider them as real re-useable packaging. With Pearl however, all components are developed for re-use, sure it will depend on how you treat them, but Pearl allows 100% re-use and 100% recycling.

Our glass, stainless steel, unique TPE Pearl Seal and natural rubber components are each 100% recyclable. While glass and stainless-steel recycling structures are usually globally available with no issues, we understand that TPE and natural rubber recycling may be limited in many countries.

If you can’t find the right recycling facilities for our sealing gaskets, we offer you the choice to return them directly to us. We will collect them and guarantee their physical recycling. That is the only way how we can fulfil our promise: Pearl enables you for 100% re-use and 100% recycling.

Our Story

Original Luna Mesh growing sprouts that are so healthy to eat


Our Pearl story began in 2015 as a simple project to develop new solutions for glass jars used for storage and home cooking. As we began to take a deeper look into the history of canning, we rediscovered a rich heritage of beautiful glass containers from an era where plastic was non-existent and reusable glass was the standard. Inspired by these designs, we became motivated to transform them into a present-day innovative product.

For decades, jar closures have been the main development focus and throughout history with many solutions becoming patented over time. Famous jar brands from the past, such as Mason, are still recognized today. However, as times changed, the demands of packaging changed with them. Healthy living, convenience, sustainability, and recycling are some of the few factors impacting the evolution of modern food containers. We kept this in mind, but inspiration and nostalgia for historic closure designs remained at the forefront of our project.

As we started to re-think classical glass swing-top jars we were reminded that a glass jar and a glass closure were already quite perfect for reusability and the preservation of healthy food. From here, the next step was clear, to incorporate a selection of materials for the jar closures offering similar benefits but for different functionalities. Besides glass, we selected stainless steel and reusable gaskets as core elements next to glass to elevate our designs.

At this stage, our Pearl project became challenging as we were entering areas that still had to be developed technically. We followed 2 types of sealing gaskets, both perfect for hygiene and reusability. Both have important different qualities, so we decided to offer both of them. We know this might be  a bit confusing, but our goal is  perfection.

TPE in medicine quality: Perfect for products with Oil (Feta in Olive Oil, chocolate cream, but as well cosmetics) and alcohol (Moonshine Whiskey, fruits in Grappa,…) and storage. Natural rubber: Perfect for canning and storage.


A challenging and ambitious project like Pearl, needs a vast amount of knowhow from various areas. We were lucky to convince Estal Packaging in Barcelona to become one of our partners. Especially as Estal is today the leading innovator in glass packaging worldwide and hepls to bring packaging specialists from different areas to us. That is why Pearl can offer so much new intelligent and competent solutions today. 

We are excited to have laid the foundation for more innovative and sustainable new products to come and we hope you love our products. Any suggestions welcome.