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Swing Top & Clip Jars

The swing top jars mechanism is easy to open and close through a wire hinge. This closure has been around for decades and we present them now in two new and exclusive models: Pearl Mariposa Jar and Pearl Classic Swing Jar.

Swing Top & Clip Jars

Why choose our Swing Top & Clip Jars?

Versatile glass storage

Suitable for food storage and fermenting sauerkraut and kimchi. With our high-quality swing closure, you can ferment and cook without any worries.

Swing top jars with exclusive design

Our Pearl jars feature the functional combination between mason jars and swing-top closures. We offer innovative and unique models.

Vintage style

This range was inspired by the old swing-top mason jars used to store homemade food and groceries in the ’60s. Our glass lids and Pearl sealing rings modernise traditional craftsmanship.

Clip top jars with a high-quality wire mechanism

Our Pearl jars are tested on the highest quality standards.  Our clip lids are very durable compared to other swing top jars and come all in stainless steel wire, for rust-free usage.

Lightweight jars and clip lids

Our lightweight glass lids are effortless to clean, especially compared to other clip-top jars.

Detachable components

Singular removable glass lids for convenient pouring and nice cleaning.

Reusable and recyclable sealing rings

Our TPE rings have a successful track record for returnable “swing-top” glass bottles. They are totally recyclable and reusable.



Free from varnish and laquers with a strong focus on inert materials, our Pearl Mason Jars feature food safe materials which can easily be cleaned after usage and stay healthy packaging.


Our designs are forward-thinking without all the fuss – modular, separable components allow for easy cleaning and versatile storage solutions. Sleek finishes and unique design make sure they look great too.


We have selected what we consider the most feasible materials for more sustainable products, offering reuse, real recycling and multi-use options.