You’ve discovered our Earth-friendly glass jars,  now it’s time to meet the World’s first 100% recycled wild glass water bottle made in Europe! Our Philos bottle is a unique, reusable everyday water bottle with a special twist. Continue reading to find out why!

water bottle made in Europe
Wild Glass
Our reusable Philos water bottle made in Europe is manufactured from Wild Glass and is the most high-quality and sustainable glass on the market. Wild glass is a unique innovation in the glass industry that allows new products to be made out of 100% post-consumer recycled glass.

This Wild glass results in a stunning hand-crafted and authentic finish, similar to hand-made glass, but with an Earth-friendly focus. Using recycled glass during production, Wild Glass can lower energy consumption and CO2 emissions, as significantly less fuel consumption is required from melting the recycled glass down, rather than converting raw materials into brand new glass.
Your unique water bottle is made in Europe
This water bottle made in Europe is like no other, not only due to its sustainable sourcing but also the one-of-a-kind results it produces. Each glass Philos bottle is totally unique, offering an individual imperfect beauty. Rather than discard and waste glass with imperfections, we chose to embrace and combine these materials with the Wild Glass method.

As a result, each Philos bottle is its own rare gem, appearing in slightly different hues of subtle turquoise and pale green glass that radiates in the light for an unforgettable finish.
The healthy choice for you, and the planet
Our Philos water bottle made in Europe is the ideal eco-friendly addition to a healthy, low-waste lifestyle.

Designed to help you drink more water and stay hydrated on the go, by choosing Philos you are also helping to conserve our planet by supporting eco-friendly alternatives in manufacturing.

The world has enough plastic drinking bottles, so it’s never been a better moment to bring back the healthy tradition of using glass swing-top bottles that are BPA and toxin-free, long-lasting, and eco-friendly.
The bottle with benefits 
Choosing to avoid single-use plastic water bottles and instead replacing them with bottles such as our Wild Glass Philos comes with some great benefits, these include:
BPA and chemical-free 
BPA-free drinking bottles are free from the substance bisphenol A (BPA) in their material. This chemical appears in many plastic bottles (including disposable PET bottles) and it is suspected of acting like a hormone in our body.
Secure and simple opening and closing 
Embrace the tradition and aesthetic of vintage swing top bottles! Philos features a robust swing top closure that is satisfying to use, beautiful to look at and perfect for preventing spills and leaks.
Compact and sturdy design for outdoor dining and active lifestyles
Whether it’s al fresco dining, picnic with friends or simply sliding into your backpack for an active afternoon, our Philos bottle features a robust design built to last and is perfect for an active lifestyle on the go.
Designed with love in Lisbon and made in the European Union.
    Our global mission is complimentary with a local production footprint. We’re proud to share that from start to finish, our designs are conceptualised and manufactured right here in the European Union.
    Discover the Philos water bottle
    Browse the Philo water bottle in our online shop! Learn more about Wild Glass, how to take care of your reusable glass bottle, how you can play your part to push sustainable change in the packaging industry, and our full range of Earth-friendly packaging alternatives:
    Water bottles made in Europe


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