If you’re keen to start sprouting your own seeds at home then you may be thinking about what kind of jars for sprouting seeds you might need. Here, we give a quick guide that explains the different kinds of sprouting jars you may consider and where you can buy sprouting jars

Jars for sprouting seeds

Unlike typical mason jars and glass jars, jars for sprouting seeds often have special features that allow for plenty of ventilation. This is to accommodate the airflow that is essential to the sprouting process. For this reason, you see many jars for sprouting that feature mesh lids, or, mesh screen lid inserts sold separately that may be inserted into the lids of jars. Using a sprouting jar with a screen or mesh lid when sprouting is one of the most effective, efficient and safe ways to sprout jars at home.

Benefits of sprouting jars and sprouting lids

Jars for sprouting seeds that come with a special sprouting lid are a wonderful and easy way to grow all kinds of nutritious sprouts is easy. Sprouts are packed with considerable amounts of vitamins, fiber, and iron that help to improve health. Sprouting jars that feature mesh lids are helpful for several reasons:

  • The small hole and numerous hole sizes mean that you can easily and neatly drain out the water and rinse your sprouts once they have budded.
  • Draining is one of the trickiest parts of sprouting as you need to rinse and drain well. By using a sprouting jar with a mesh lid, you can turn the jar fully upside-down and shake thoroughly to remove excess water.
  • Mesh features on jars for sprouting seeds also allow for effective air circulation, this is important when the jar is kept upside down at an angle to facilitate airflow.


DIY Sprouting jars

While mesh inserts and jars for sprouting seeds that come with a special lid are some of the more efficient and safe choices, there are other solutions for DIY sprouting jars. Some people often use cheesecloth, canvas, or plastic needlepoint sheets secured in place with a rubber band or ring. However, these can be prone to leakage and spills and are not as easy to clean and reuse in the long term.

Tips for sprouting with sprouting jars

  • Want to make a larger batch of sprouts? It’s usually best to do some in several jars, rather than trying to fit all of the seeds in one large jar as the seeds will need some air to circulate through the jar.

Different seeds, nuts, and legumes need different hours to soak and sprout. For more information and the varying time, you can check out this helpful soaking and sprouting chart here.

Buy jars for sprouting seeds

Our Pearl Luna Mesh jar is a great sprouting jar for those interested in sprouting seeds at home, and like all of our glass jars, it has been designed with a vintage mason jar look and feel.

Health benefits of sprouts

The mesh disk and each of its components are easily detached by pressing them slightly out of the steel ring. This means they can be deeply and easily cleaned for safer sprouting and reused in the long term. Both the Mesh disk and the steel ring are made using healthy materials and earth-friendly materials, free from any harmful glues or lacquers. The use of stainless steel is also ideal for safe cooking as it prevents the onset of rust. 


Health benefits of sprouts


You can use the Luna Mesh sprouting jar for sprouting your favorite seeds and it is also helpful for straining food and ingredients directly from a Mason Jar without any mess or leaks.

Health benefits of sprouts


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Health benefits of sprouts
July 20, 2023 — Hello Bottle

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