Pearl glass storage


This Valentine’s Day we’re breaking up with old plastic Tupperware and giving ourselves the gift of a kitchen upgrade with durable and toxic-free glass storage!

Our unique Pearl glassware has been carefully designed by glass industry experts to help raise the bar for healthy glass storage in the kitchen. Here are three reasons why we are swapping out plastic containers and storage and replacing them with healthier glass storage alternatives for 2023 and beyond.

1. Non-toxic

Pearl glass storage


Our non-toxic glass jars and bottles are free from glues, lacquers, and BPAs, so no nasty chemicals or unnatural substances will leech into your food or ingredients during cooking or storage.

Each of our products is 100% food safe and ideal for healthier kitchen lifestyles. By using glass storage, you can help ensure your food will not be contaminated by harmful chemicals. 

2. Rust-free

Pearl glass storage

Because we don’t use any glues or lacquers in our products and optimise our closures with stainless steel, this helps to prevent the early onset of rust for long-lasting healthy food storage.

Our unique sealing gaskets also help to lower migration, helping provide you with longer-lasting, fresher and healthier food content.


3. Easy cleaning

Pearl glass storage

Is there anything worse than trying to clean a plastic container, only to still see stains and smells of the food it stored? Our glass storage can be fully disassembled for easier, deeper cleaning of each individual part. Because glass is also a non-porous substance, it won’t hold on to odours and stains the way plastic storage does.

Fall in love with glass storage

Pearl glass storage


The healthy choice for toxic-free kitchens, stock up on your kitchen essentials this Spring. Browse our full range of glass storage jars and bottles today! 

How about you? What are the reasons you love glass storage? Leave in the comments!

July 20, 2023 — Hello Bottle

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