Luna Preserving Jar is the only stainless steel canning jar on the market with a convenient vacuum release function.

"Luna Preserving Jar, because your canning journey should be about joy, not a jar jiu-jitsu".

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Have you ever found yourself standing in the aisle of a store, staring at rows of jars, wondering which one is the right choice for your homemade canning adventures? 
In the digital age, you may do your research on infinite online websites among webshops and blog posts, but the question is always the same. What canning jar should I choose and why?
It's a common conundrum we've all faced. The quest for the perfect canning jar can be daunting, filled with choices that seem to be endless and pitfalls that take time to navigate. But fear not, fellow preservation enthusiasts, we have a beacon of light to guide you through the jar jungle – Luna Cap Preserving, developed by Pearl Jars. 

Navigating the canning jar maze: a common struggle

Let's face it – choosing the correct canning jar isn't as simple as picking one off the shelf. It's a journey fraught with questions.
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How do you ensure your preserves stay fresh? What about the environmental impact of single-use lids? And those reused supermarket jars – are they up for the canning game?

Let's Talk About Reusing Supermarket Lids At Home

We've all been tempted to reuse those supermarket jars we bring home with cucumbers, olives, and pickles.
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But here's the reality check – those jars were not made for homemade canning. How many times did you find rust after reusing them? They're single-use jars, not made to be reused. 
Made with cheaper materials such as aluminium, they come with varnishes and glues that can play spoilsport and can be dangerous to your health when reused without the manufacturer's recommendation. These jars were made to store only the food sold at the supermarket, not to be reused when canning at home. 
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Luna Preserving Jar is crafted with premium materials like stainless steel, ensuring a rust-free canning experience. Our preservation jars are also fully detachable, providing an easy cleaning experience. 
Glue and varnish? No, you won't find these chemicals in our canning jars — no more surprises - just a trusty sidekick for your culinary adventures.

What makes Luna Preserving Jar unique?

Do you still need to determine if Luna Preserving is the right jar for your canning needs? Learn more about what sets us apart!
Patented vacuum slot for easy pressure release – an exclusive feature in canning jars.
Say goodbye to the struggles of opening a sealed jar. Luna Cap's innovative vacuum release slot is a canning game-changer. 
Did you ever struggle with stubborn jar lids? Have you ever wondered if there's a secret handshake to release the vacuum seal? 
Now imagine this – a jar that opens with a gentle push, preserving not just the freshness of your contents but also your sanity! That's the Luna Cap difference, born out of a passion for preservation that runs deep in our family, and now, it's your secret ingredient.


Our exclusive vacuum release slot is a canning game-changer. No more wrestling with preserving lids – a gentle push, and your jar opens effortlessly. It's an innovation patented by Pearl Jars, inspired by life-real canning experiences.


Rust-free stainless steel closure

Have you ever found yourself needing help with rusty lids or questionable closures? Luna Cap scoffs at rust with its rustproof stainless steel closure. Say goodbye to those "Is it still good?" moments and hello to fresher, healthier food content that stands the test of time. 

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No lacquer or glue

The absence of lacquer or glue ensures that what touches your food is only the finest quality stainless steel, glass and sealing gasket, making it a haven for your preserves.
Rust Proof Mason Jar Lids

The Pearl Seal: where functionality meets reusability

What about the sealing gaskets? Can you replace them? We know they're crucial for keeping your jar airtight and goodies fresh. Our food-grade seal ensures that every jar is a sealed masterpiece. 


The good news? You can easily find Luna Preserving sealing gaskets at a super affordable price on our online store. It's like giving your jar a little makeover whenever you feel like it. Why not? Your Luna Cap deserves to look and perform its best whenever you embark on a new canning adventure.
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With the option of replacing the sealing gasket, you can reuse both your Luna Preserving Jar and Cap repeatedly again and again. Because it's not just about preserving food; it's about preserving the environment too. Go green without compromising on quality.

Easy cleaning and dishwasher-safe

Luna Preserving Jar's thoughtful design ensures not only seamless functionality but also a commitment to ease of maintenance. 
An integral feature is the ease with which every component can be detached, facilitating a thorough and meticulous cleaning process. 
Bid farewell to the inconveniences of lingering food residues as the lid, in particular, disassembles effortlessly. Both the durable glass jar and the stainless steel lid are not only robust but also dishwasher safe, simplifying the cleaning routine. 

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Furthermore, the Luna Preserving Jar offers the flexibility of replacing the sealing gasket at your convenience. Accessible and reasonably priced replacements are available on our website, ensuring the longevity of this essential canning companion. 

Versatility redefined: Luna Cap beyond canning

Luna Preserving isn't just your run-of-the-mill canning jar; it's a statement piece for your kitchen. This canning jar exudes durability and elegance and can also be used to store a diversity of food and liquids, such as beans, lentils, pasta, herbs, and sauces, in your kitchen. 
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Commitment to innovation and sustainability

Pearl Jars breaks free from the throwaway culture. Our products are made to be used several times, a nod to ecological awareness that benefits both the environment and your pocket! When you choose Luna Cap, you're selecting a jar that preserves your food and your commitment to sustainability.
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Eco-friendly and wallet-friendly: long-lasting closures

You might think, "I've seen similar lids before by other brands." "What is the difference between cheaper canning lids in the market?"
Most canning jar lids on the market are single-use. As we mentioned, they are made with cheaper materials such as aluminium, and their destination will be the landfill after just one preservation session.
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Luna Preservation Jar, however, is built with high-quality stainless steel and was developed for long-lasting use. They will remain in your kitchen for many years without the need to replace the lid after every use. 

Recap: why is our Luna Preservation Jar your kitchen MVP?

  • Rustproof stainless steel closure for longevity and peace of mind.
  • Easy-peasy vacuum release slot for stress-free lid handling.
  • Versatile enough for canning, salad storage, and herb haven duties.
  • Easy-cleaning and dishwasher safe
  • Free of varnish and glues
  • Reusable and environmentally friendly 
Luna Preservation Jar

Available in three convenient sizes

Choices are the spice of life, and Luna Cap understands that. Explore our online shop, where Luna Cap Preserving is available in 250ml, 500ml, and 1L sizes. 
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Whether you're preserving a small batch of grandma's secret sauce or stocking up for a season of canning adventures, we have a size that fits your needs.

Choose Luna Preserving – the best canning Jar for your needs

So, the next time you stand in the jar aisle, wondering which holds the key to your canning dreams, remember Luna Cap Preserving

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Crafted from high-grade stainless steel and featuring the exclusive vacuum release slot, Luna Cap is a nod to tradition with a touch of modern innovation. It's a jar that easily opens, preserving your food and the joy in your canning journey.

Shop the Luna Preserving Jar and test all its features

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