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Featured Products

Organize your pantry!

Keep your pantry perfectly organized. Our Pearl Jars feature unique sealing gaskets and innovative closures systems designed for food-grade safety in storage. 

Storing food in glass containers instead of plastic packaging will extend its life and help it stay fresher for longer. Effective storage can keep your food in better condition and safe from exposure to bacteria, while also reducing waste and saving you time and money!

Enjoy our pantry organization offer: Shop above 60 Euros and get free shipping to reorganize our pantry from today.  

Hello Pearl Jars

No chemicals. No glues.
No varnishes.

Hello Pearl Jar

Optimal conditions for food-safe storage.

Hello Pearl Jars

Designed for long-term reuse. 100% recyclable.

Hello Pearl Jars

Innovative closures from glassware experts.

Hello Pearl Jars

Manufactured with Earth-friendly materials.


Fermenting, canning, pickling – store your food with confidence thanks to our patented Pearl closures.

Light like a butterfly

The jar for the curious souls

Innovation for the tradition of canning

Healthy living with our sprouting jar.

3 reasons to fall in love with Pearl glass storage

  1. Rust-free

    Our glass storage is free from glues and lacquers
    prevents the onset of rust.

  2.  Healthy

    Free from toxins, chemicals and BPA, each of our glass jars and bottles are 100% food safe for healthier living.

  3. Easy-cleaning

    Each of our jars can be fully dissembled, allowing you to get deeper, easier cleaning and sterilisation.


Preparing preserved asparagus.
Canning jar recipes

How to preserve asparagus?

Asparagus is a delicious and healthy vegetable that is enjoyed by many, but unfortunately, its season is relatively short-lived. However, with the right techniques, you

Read More »

Discover Philos Bottle. Made of 100% recycled glass .


Our new Philos Glass Bottle does not only offer sustainability as a strong point, but also a unique design because we do not exclude imperfections.

Its WILD GLASS is the first industrial-produced bottle that is made of 100% post-consumer-recycled glass.

Collected pieces of used glass create together an unforgettable finish – every Philos bottle has its own color, shape and form!




For over seventy years glass jars have remained the same. As glassware experts, we thought it was time to give the beauty of the modern mason jar an innovative twist fit for modern kitchens and cooking standards.

Our Pearl glass jars feature unique sealing gaskets and innovative closures systems designed for food-grade safety in storage. You won’t find any glues, lacquers or varnishes here. Our natural materials allow for rust-free food storage and are 100% recyclable. Better for you, and better for the planet!

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