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The ideal starter kit to launch your sprouting journey!

Capacity : Brimful 1000 ml

  • height = 180 mm
  • diameter = 96/100 mm
  • Clean the jars before using
  • Steel and glass components are dishwasher safe
  • Do not fill hot liquids
  • Store Pearl Seals in a dark and dry environment at room temperature
  • Pack includes: 1x 1000ml Luna Mesh jar, 1x Stand, 1x Tray
  • All components are food safe
  • External diameter of the jars mouth is 70mm
  • Stand and tray are compatible with 500ml Luna Mesh jars

Become a green growing machine for 2024 with this sprouting starter kit! This sprouting starter kit contains all the tools you need to sprout happiness at home with ease this season.

Why it’s ideal for beginners?

Packed with nutrients and health benefits, sprouts are wonderful superfoods but can often be expensive. This kit is great for healthy foodies interested in saving some money to and learning to sprout at home with a simple solution.

We designed this beginner sprouting starter kit as a fun and easy way to grow and enjoy your own sprouts and microgreens at home. From alfalfa sprouts to broccoli and quinoa sprouts, there’s no limit to all the different types of superfoods you can grow at home with this sprouting starter kit. Experiment with different sprouting combinations for endless possibilities. This all-in-one fuss-free DIY kit will have you sharing superfood goodness in no time.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Alles bestens

Alles bestens in der Abwicklung. Zum Produkt kann ich noch nichts sagen. Ist noch nicht in Verwendung.

Eveline Niebiossa
Nettes Design

Hallo, ich bin noch Sprout-Anfängerin und kann noch nicht viel über das Gelingen der Sprossen in den Pearl-Gläsern berichten.
Allerdings habe ich sie auf Empfehlung gekauft.
Was mich etwas stört ist, dass die Öffnung nicht weit genug ist, sodass meine Hand bei der Reinigung nicht hindurch passt. Man braucht definitiv eine Spülbürste, falls man das Glas manuell reinigen möchte.

Ansonsten sieht es aber ganz dekorativ aus.

Dörte Zegenhagen
verblüffend genial gut und einfach

Ich hab mich lange nicht an das Thema Sprossen herangetraut und fand auch das zuvor angeschaute Equipment nie ansprechend, BIS ich auf diese Pearl Jars aufmerksam wurde. Ich hab mich durchgerungen, das Starterkit ( und Weiteres, weil dann doch überraschend preiswert) gekauft, und darf sagen: Die Skeptikerin wurde total überrascht und überzeugt von der exzellenten Qualität, der perfekt durchdachten Funktionalität und der Einfachheit dar Handhabung. Seither gibts bei mir Sprossen satt.😍

Sieglinde Riedlbauer
Bin sehr zufrieden,gute Qualität

Top Qualität

sprouting starter set

What's inside?


In a classic vintage Mason Jar design, this 1000ml jar is the perfect size for your sprouting needs.
It comes with a durable and rust-free stainless steel closure and a unique sealing gasket.


Our stainless steel sprouting jar stand is ideal to keep your sprouting jar safely inverted for draining and rinsing which is a fundamental step in the sprouting process.


Set your jar and stand on top of this stainless tray for mess-free draining.

Original L:una Mesh closure with mesh top, rubber sealing gasket, and screw lid.

Why this Starter Kit?


The Luna Mesh sprouting jar comes with a Mesh disk and all components are easily detachable by pressing them gently out of the steel ring. The stainless steel Mesh disk and steel ring are free from lacquer and glued materials. All parts can be quickly disassembled, cleaned, and reassembled and are Food Safe and BPA Free.


Our stainless steel sprouting jar stand is ideal to keep your sprouting jar safely inverted for draining and rinsing which is a fundamental step in the sprouting process. This sprouting stand holds the jar at optimal angles for the best sprouting results. No need for awkward balances and falling jars that beginners often struggle with.


With all 3 components you have the perfect setup! Set your jar and stand on top of the stainless tray for mess-free draining. Grow the fluffiest, longest sprouts with this perfect sprouting tray.