Store your Summer jams, marmalades, and chutneys in complete confidence! One of the most important ingredients when making homemade preserves is picking a suitable jam canning jar. Here, our Pearl team shares some of their tips for choosing and purchasing jars for jam and where you can buy them.

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The importance of jam canning jars

If you have considered making your own fruit jams, chutneys or marmalades at home, you may be wondering how best to store these delicious preserves to ensure that they taste their best for as long as possible. 

When making homemade preserves, one of the most important steps is making sure that they are placed in a glass jar that has been fully sterilised and hermetically sealed. Your choice of jam canning jars and how you prepare them will play a major part in the success of your jam preservation. Therefore, it’s good to know where you can buy the best jars for jam and as well as some of the technical features to look out for when purchasing. These features often relate to the types of closures that various glass jars come with and their ability to ensure an air-tight seal. 

  • Did you know? Glass is the material of choice for storing jams as it is inert. It doesn’t (and shouldn’t) have any chemical layer that affects your food, like certain plastic materials. Glass is also non-toxic. It is created from three materials – soda ash, sand and limestone – each of which are natural. No chemicals can enter into food from glass jars because there aren’t any and glass doesn’t react with any types of food. This is one of the reasons glass jars are ideal for canning and preserving.

How the right jars for jam prevent spoilage 

Any contact of your jam or marmalade with air or moisture can trigger the breeding of harmful microorganisms that can spoil the preserve before its expiry date. Good jars for jam should come with airtight metal caps that provide a gas barrier property that will prevent any interaction between your jams and air or moisture. As a result, you will have a jam that lasts longer, tastes better, and has a low risk of premature spoilage. Having the right jam mason jars will help to prevent spoilage while extending the shelf life of your tasty treats so you can enjoy your favorite fruits throughout the seasons.

Learn how to store your preserves in jam mason jars 

Having preserves quickly available is an excellent habit in the kitchen and a great skill to take up. Ideal for breakfasts and snacks, jams, marmalades and chutneys are true gems of sweetness and fragrance to keep tucked in the pantry throughout the year.

We recently shared some of our favorite mixed Summer fruit jam recipes, so if you’re looking to experiment with your own preserves at home, make sure to explore our previous blog post here.

Discover where to buy jars for jam making

You should be able to find a good selection of jars for jam from your trusted local homewares store. Our full range of Pearl glass mason jars are also available online with direct shipping and feature closures that are well suited for the preservation of jams and marmalades. For canning jams, chutneys, marmalades and sauces we recommend trying out our Luna screw-top glass mason jar and our Mariposa swing-top glass mason jar.

SYMPL Luna Preserving

Our online shop also contains a wide range of sizes and varieties of jars for jam and jars that can be used for other reserving purposes. Our Original Luna Cap Preserving jar features reduced migration for longer-lasting, fresher, and healthier food content. You can explore the SYMPL Luna preserving jar below:

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Mariposa Jar

You can also explore or Mariposa preserving jar below, which is also an effective jam mason jar.

Our Mariposa swing top glass jar is free of lacquer and glued materials. All parts can be quickly disassembled, cleaned, and reassembled and are food safe and BPA-free.

buy jars for jam making

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July 20, 2023

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