Making your bathroom greener and into a more eco-friendly space is easier than you think. By making the switch to more sustainable, reusable and recyclable products and being more mindful of your energy consumption, you can have a bathroom perfect for a low-impact lifestyle in no time!

Below we’ve picked some simple tips that we’ve come across to help kickstart your spring cleaning in one of the most frequently used rooms in the home.

Be Water Aware

Let’s start with the basics. One way to step up your sustainability for an eco-friendly bathroom? Watch your water. Keep luxurious soaks in the bathtub for special occasions, for example after an enduring sports session or particularly stressful day. Stick with showers the rest of the time so you can help save on your water consumption. Don’t forget! It’s also better not to keep the shower running while you lather your hair or body wash.

When brushing your teeth and cleaning your face, try not to leave the tap running. When shaving, gather some water in the sink instead of running the tap to rinse the razor each time. These might not feel like big changes, but over time these tips can really impact your water usage!

Ditch the Plastic

Try a 100% bamboo toothbrush instead. Bamboo toothbrushes, unlike plastic toothbrushes, don’t require the energy usage of petroleum for their production. Bamboo toothbrushes have multiple benefits. They are fully biodegradable and easily broken down. In contrast to plastic toothbrushes which take almost a Millennium to become fully broken down, bamboo toothbrushes are much more eco-friendly.

The bristles in bamboo toothbrushes are also manufactured with Nylon-4 bristles which are more eco-friendly as they break down quickly. The Nylon-6 elements used in plastic toothbrushes are known to contain harmful materials that can choke aquatic wildlife. Bamboo itself is also a fast-growing plant that doesn’t require the use of pesticides or fertilizers and absorbs carbon dioxide in major quantities, so it makes for a far more sustainable alternative.

Choose to Reuse!

Rather than throw away your plastic toothbrush, hang on to it as a handy cleaning utensil! Old toothbrushes make a great tool for cleaning those harder-to-reach spots. Bathroom and kitchen tiles, jewelery and watches, faucets and sinks, kitchen appliances, bike chains, musical instruments, shoes, and laptop keyboards, you name it – an old toothbrush can clean it!

While you’re cutting back on plastic, reexamine the other waste accumulating in the bathroom and consider taking a break from disposable makeup wipes and cotton pads by investing in a durable, reusable face cloth or reusable cotton rounds instead. Many are made from skin-friendly materials such as bamboo and cotton so they will also make a great alternative for sensitive skin as well as cutting the waste from the trash can.

Replace Bottles for Bars and Bulk

Bathrooms can be a hotbed for plastic bottles and bulky packaging with shampoos, conditioners, shower gels, face scrubs, and cleansers often cluttering the shower and bathroom cupboard.

Thankfully, there is an increasing number of hacks to get around so much plastic. Shampoo and conditioner bars not only come with zero packaging but are also made with all-natural ingredients free from nasty preservatives that will leave your hair wanting more! You can even try making your own at home! Small and compact they’re also easier to bring along on trips without any fear of leaks when packing.

Natural oils such as Coconut oil make a great eco-friendly alternative for cleansing in place of facial cleansers. High in fatty acids and Vitamin E, coconut oil is incredibly moisturizing and great as a natural makeup remover. Many facial cleansers, when used over time, can strip the skin of its natural oils and can also contain tiny microbeads that accumulate waterways, bringing pollution to the ocean.

It’s also worth paying a visit to your local bulk food store. Take along your reusable glassware of choice and see if you can top it up from their larger refills of body washes and shampoos.

What else are we missing?

There are many other tips and tricks to get thrifty in the bathroom and discover more sustainable solutions, what are some of your favorite eco-conscious swaps? Let us know! Instagram Facebook

July 21, 2023

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