As delicious as they are healthy, if ever a food was to symbolize a generation, the avocado would serve to be the mascot for Millennials. Whether smeared on crusty toast, sliced alongside a poached egg or even used to make brownies, there’s no denying that with its endless diversity as an ingredient, the cult of avocado shows little sign of slowing down anytime soon.

With a movement behind it so strong that avocado tattoos, memes and sole avocado restaurant chains are commonplace, there has never been a better time to start putting those pits to good use and begin cultivating your own varieties at home. Check out our quick Kickstarter method below on how you can get started!

Cultivating your avocado plant takes patience, encouragement and some tender loving care. Carefully follow the steps below and you should soon reap the rewards and see your stones blossoming!

What you need to grow an avocado in a glass jar

1 Avocado Pit

3 Toothpicks

1 Empty Glass Jar

1. Prepare your avocado as normal but this time, make sure not to discard the stone.
2. Take a glass jar (we like to use the Pearl Sunny Cap mason jar) and fill it up almost to the rim

3. Locate the widest point of the pit, this is the end that will be submerged in water.
4. Take the three toothpicks and insert them around the middle of the avocado pit, leaving about 1 inch that can remain in the water.
5. Place the pit in the jar of water, the idea is the toothpicks will support the pit, with the top half remaining above water.
6. Avocado pits sprout the best close to window sills or bright kitchens. They need warmth and sunshine, however, don’t keep them in direct sunlight.
7. Top up the water as necessary.
8. Be patient! The pits can take between 2-6 weeks to sprout roots, once they do and the roots have grown thick and the stem has leaves, plant in soil in a pot about ten inches in diameter, leaving half the seed still exposed above the soil.

For more tips on taking care of your plant once it sprouts, such as repotting and propagating, pruning, or identifying the common problem to look out for, we recommend that you check this A-Z of tips here!

July 21, 2023

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