Shipping & Returns

Our return service also applies to discounted prices
With us, service is paramount. If it is unexpected that you actually had a different expectation then returns are of course no problem.
Sign up for your return shipment within 3 days at
Please state your name, place of residence, order number and reason of return. Do not forget your bank account number and the corresponding name.
Then send the item, supplied with the original packaging, voucher and tickets within 7 days of receipt, sufficiently paid, return to the following address:

Hello-Bottle LDA
EN 9010 Edifício E , Tocadelos -Cabeço de Montachique
2670-770 Loures

Put your address clearly on the outside of the package.
If Pearl has received the returned article then it becomes officially returned.
The replacement product shipped free of charge within 3 days.
If you want to refund the purchase amount we will deposit it
7 days after receipt of the product in good condition.
Returns / exchanges not reported within the deadline can not be accepted.
Inadequate paid packages are declined.